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  • Norfolk Boards Show
    Top quality courts
    and accessories
    If you are new to shuffleboard or cornhole,
    we have a full range of quality shuffleboard sets,
    coloured discs and cornhole boards and kit.
  • Playing shuffleboard outdoors
    Shuffleboard is a
    game for everyone
    Whether you think Shuffleboard is
    a sport or a game it can be played by
    nearly everyone with no age barrier.
  • Playing cornhole
    Top quality boards
    and accessories
    If you are new to cornhole or a seasoned pro,
    we have a full range of designer cornhole sets,
    coloured cornbags and scoreboards and stands.

Welcome to Norfolk Boards

We are the major supplier of both Shuffleboard and Cornhole in the UK and Europe. These games have a huge following in the States and we are proud to be spear-heading their growth and enjoyment on this side of the Pond.

Working from our base in Wymondham, just south of Norwich, Norfolk Boards is the new home for the complete range of shuffleboard equipment here in the UK. Formerly known as Shuffleboard Europe, we have expanded our business to include the latest craze from the American Mid-West, Cornhole.

We market top quality outdoor polytile shuffleboard courts from the States as well as the indoor 'Roll-Out' version of the game. In addition, we hold good stocks of all the related equipment including cues, discs, scoreboards and everything you might need to play the game on a concrete surface or cruise ship's deck. From here, we can deliver all over Europe, with goods usually despatched in 48 hours from the date of order.

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Our on-line shop for both Cornhole and Shuffleboard makes ordering by credit card simple, secure and reliable. All orders receive prompt automated response, usually complemented by a second, more personal contact.

Our Cornhole game is all locally manufactured. This gives us the option to offer totally customized boards at short notice, alongside the standard design range. Cornhole is huge fun at any barbecue, social club, garden party or corporate function. In common with Shuffleboard, the rules are easy to learn, but there is a good measure of skill required

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Compete shuffleboard set
Shuffleboard Complete Sets

We offer a range of high quality shuffleboard sets to suit all budgets, abilities and level of involvement in the game.
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Just shuffleboard courts
Shuffleboard Courts Only

This is our range for those who are looking to purchase just a shuffleboard court without any equipment or extras.
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Shuffleboard Accessories
Shuffleboard Equipment

We offer a range of shuffleboard equipment such as discs, cues, stencils and waxes. Check out our full range
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shuffleboard extras
Shuffleboard Extras

For the shuffleboard player who has all the equipment we also offer books, hats and DVD's which often make great gifts
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Buy Cornhole Boards and Equipment

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Deluxe cornhole boards
Deluxe Cornhole Sets

High quality deluxe cornhole boards that we believe are the best on the market with eight bags and a scoreboard.
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Standard Boards
Standard Cornhole Sets

Solid well constructed cornhole boards in various designs with eight bags of two colours and a scoreboard.
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speciality boards
Speciality Cornhole Sets

Cornhole at weddings is very popular so we produce a range of speciality and personalized boards and sets.
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full set of cornhole bags
Cornhole Accessories

If you want just cornhole bags, scoreboards, stands or even a board on its own then check out our accessories.
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