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About Shuffleboard

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The worldwide appeal of shuffleboard continues to grow rapidly, so a game that has historic roots dating back many centuries is now a much-loved leisure pursuit with a global following.

Most people would have come across the game on board cruise ships or in the popular vacation resorts of Florida and California. It has traditionally been regarded as a game for senior citizens, but we are finding there is equal appeal across all age groups and abilities.

The shuffleboard community is still at its strongest in America, where the International Shuffleboard Association and the US National Shuffleboard Association provide regulation, support and promotion of this growing sport. The winter months are the peak season for competition in the southern states, while most of the nation’s keenest players move back north in the summer. America has 150,000 regular shuffleboard participants.

Active groups have formed in countries as diverse as Germany, Norway, Japan, Brazil and Australia. Every year, international championships are held around the world and a large group of American players travel to a new country to set up an inaugural event. As more of the baby boom generation reach retirement age and look to maintain an interest in active sport, the future for shuffleboard looks very bright indeed..

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